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Aviation Consulting

Aircraft Acquisition

You are planning to buy an aircraft? Maybe you are already considering a special brand or type; or you are solely driven by economical reasons and feasibility studies. Whatever your goal is you'll be better of by professional counselling before making a final decision. According your personnel needs we will evaluate all available options and compare individual aircraft data such as specific range, runway requirements, acquisition- and operational costs. In other words: Decision making will be much easier after having obtained all these valuable facts in an unbiased way. (Too many newly aircraft owners have already experienced the bad mood of having been driven into selecting not the right aircraft for their specific needs! - Don't become one of them!)

Aircraft Operation

It is not only finding the right aircraft for your needs but also operating it. Pilot roster and duty times, maintenance schedule, everything from small daily duties up to supranational tasks like complying with national and international regulations can take a lot of your precious time. Last but not least flight preparations and planning requires a skill hardly found today.
All of these affairs we will take out of your hands; an outsourced flight department you may call it. We will organize aircraft parking space, cleaning and maintenance. We can evaluate and employ pilots on your behalf and by regular training ensure that they will maintain highest standards. Last but not least we will provide professional flight planning to ensure that you will reach all of your intended destinations in a safe and comfort way!

Commercial Aircraft Operator's Evaluation

If you like to avoid unnecessary ground times of your aircraft and turn them into money saving airtimes you will have to put your plane into an operation of a commercial airline; whenever you don't need your aircraft yourself it will be made available to charter clients. Besides of your personnel feeling and trust in the company of your choice many questions surface: "Who are this company's clients and how will it affect my aircraft? How many hours flying time will this company be able to sell? How safe and secure is this company's operation?" These and many more questions can only be answered after thoroughly checking a company's background by experienced professionals. We will do audits on your behalf compare all the facts retrieved and present you with all the particulars required for your decision making.

Further Aviation Consulting Activities:

- Assisting in the establishment of a commercial flight operation
- Improvement of the flight operations management procedures
- Establishing of a safety management system

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