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Air Crew Screening

In the aviation industry, more than in any other business worldwide there are far more job applicants than vacant jobs. How to identify qualified crewmembers from thousands seeking jobs in aviation? Evaluation of the right staff takes a long time and requires a good portion in psychological training. This demanding task we can take out of your hands. Our team of experienced aviation psychologists with many years of practice in personnel assessment will provide you with a full-size candidate profile with special regard to the job applied for; as pilot, dispatcher or air traffic controller.

Your benefits

- Staff evaluation performed by experienced aviation psychologists
- Unbiased evaluation process based on representative test systems
- Qualified and motivated staff will increase the company's turnover

Choose from folowing options:

complete assessment with personal interview
Scheduled for 1 Day Price: 350.- Euro

restricted assessment with personal interview
Scheduled for 1/2 Day Price: 230.- Euro

Knowledge check for pilots; incorporating aviation and basic english topics
Scheduled for 2h Price: 130.- Euro

All Prices are per applicant exclusive of 20 % VAT.
Please ask for special rates in case of bigger groups

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